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    As we gain clarity about our soul's purposes and intentions, we next become curious about how it is that we can deliver our gifts to the world.

Sacred Path is a counseling center that is founded on the basis that each of us has a purpose and the notion that this purpose is what makes each of our paths Sacred. We believe in wellness for the mind, body, and soul and we believe that each individual has everything they need to heal within themselves. Our purpose, as the therapists of Sacred Path, is to help you uncover or recover your true self as you heal through current and past challenges. We remain open to the idea that in doing this inner work, you may discover your own unique spirituality.  

At Sacred Path, we provide professional and affordable counseling. Our intention is to eventually provide adjunct services as well such as hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, and body work. Whatever you are going through, whatever path you have traveled, we are here to assist you on your journey.

Meet Our Therapists

  • Jaclyn Woods - LMFT

    Hi, I'm Jackie. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with an emphasis in depth psychology. I am passionate about serving others and holding great empathy for those who embark on a healing journey. I believe therapy is a collaborative process and works to create space where all parts of you are welcome. As you share your story, I offer a desire to understand your experiences on a deeper level, insights into themes, details, and engagement with the body. I believe the answers you need are within you and that my job is to facilitate your process in uncovering them. I am continually humbled by the human spirit and its ability to seek integration and healing and I believe therapy can be one of the most powerful practices available to create transformations from the inside out. As a depth psychotherapist, I am moved by the deep beauty of soul and would feel honored to walk with you on your healing journey.

  • Matthew Dean - AMFT

    Hello, I am Matthew Dean. Life can be challenging and sometimes it’s difficult to ask for assistance. Whatever your experience, you can heal your life. I am here to help. I work intuitively as a therapist pulling from many places. How I work with each person is often quite unique. In that spirit, know that — together — we will collaboratively tailor your healing to whatever you desire, and commit, to change.

    I feel much compassion for the wounded parts of self. I will not make you bad or wrong for any feelings or actions you’ve taken in life. My philosophy is: unconditional love is the most powerful healing energy available. My intention is to bring compassion and unconditional love to our healing journey together.

    I work with individual adults and teenagers on a variety of issues. I base much of what I offer on my own journey and what I have healed or progressed significantly in healing.

    Some of these areas include:
    Healing Depression
    The Art of Restoring Joy.
    Managing Anxiety
    The Courage to Face Fear & Be Yourself.
    Individualized Tools for Stability, Balance, and Enjoying Life.
    Religious Indoctrination and Spirituality as a Whole.
    Finding and Living your Passion.
    Healing Parental Relationships.
    Transforming Grief to Love.
    Creating & Maintaining a Loving Relationship with Yourself.
    Creating & Maintaining a Loving Partnership.

    I look forward to the possibility of working together. My love and light are with you on the journey home to the heart.

  • Jane Parrott - AMFT

    As a student of Pacifica Graduate Institute Jane will graduate with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology in the spring of 2021. She received her B.A. in Multicultural Studies in the Arts from Bard College in Annandale, NY (1999) and an M.A. in Scenography from Central St. Martin's in London, England (2005). Her work is psychoanalytically oriented and embraces psychodynamics as well as mindfulness practices. Her background in art and theater inform her use of image, metaphor and active imagination in therapy. She is a long time meditator and makes art and therapeutic lighting in her free time.

  • Lindsey Geibel - AMFT

    My name is Lindsey Geibel and I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee. I have experience in working with children, youth, families, couples, and individuals. I believe in the healing power of therapy and have found my own journey through the healing arts to be beneficial to every aspect of my being. My education and career experience have landed me here with Sacred Path, where I continue my journey in supporting clients to find empowerment, grounding, healing, and wholeness within their lives. I work from a person-centered approach, which focuses on meeting clients where they are and supporting their exploration of goals leading them to where they want to go, and finding their more integrated selves.

  • Robin London - AMFT

    No matter the person, we all have challenges in this life to varying degrees. It is my heart-felt desire to be there to walk alongside my clients as they use their strengths and resources to move beyond these troubling times. I believe it is through our darkest times that we may use our broken-places to begin a transformation process to move into living our most authentic life. I am calm, humble, honest, genuine, quiet, compassionate, and authentic. I offer a safe, non-blaming, non-judgmental space for my clients. I am dedicated to act as a listener, guide, teacher, supporter, and encourager as my clients find solutions, meaning, healing, and nourishment.

    I have been described as comfortable, quiet, compassionate.

    I bring many years of experience as a psychotherapist and educator to serve my clients. I have been practicing as an art therapist for over 12 years and educator for over 16. Through the years, I have worked with young children to elderly adults. I have worked with people suffering from severe difficulties to those wanting simply to improve themselves. I have experience working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you think my skills would be an asset to your mental health journey.

  • Shelly Lopeman

    Hi, my name is Michelle Lopeman. I have a passion for therapy and what it can do for a person and their healing. My philosophy is that each one of us has a purpose and we are striving to achieve many of the same basic needs which are to be loved, to be accepted, to gain self-efficacy, and to realize that we have the ability to heal within. I agree with much of Maslow’s humanistic philosophy in that concepts of autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and personal responsibility are essential for personal growth to take place. I also agree with much of Rogerian theory that unconditional positive regard is essential. I believe that this should take place within an inter-active depth-oriented approach where the client is center and guided into a more peaceful state. I will strive to make your therapy experience genuine, positive, and respectful. I respect that you are the expert of your story and that you have many strengths that will assist you in overcoming challenges. I look forward to meeting you and working together to identify your goals and help in making plans to achieve them. 

  • Jack Litterst

    My work in therapy is motivated by a reverence for the complexity, variety, intensity, and depth of human experience. I believe deeply in the uniqueness of each individual, and I view therapy as a space for exploring, with sensitivity and openness, each person's story and experience. It is my belief that any relationship undertaken with intention, such as the therapeutic relationship, has the potential to transform one's perspective and patterns.

    Theoretically, my approach is inspired by the archetypal/mythological works of James Hillman and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the humanistic approach of Carl Rogers, the Taoist philosophy of the Tao Te Ching, the family constellations model, and the nature-based psychology of Bill Plotkin.

  • Gino Memoli

    I am currently working on my Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University in San Diego, California, and am under several hours of weekly supervisor by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I hold a certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    Some areas of particular interest include:

    Substance abuse
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

    My approach to treating these conditions is using empirically validated techniques while incorporating holistic approaches, such as mindfulness. I use a variety of therapeutic theories, dependent upon client needs, with a particular interest in Internal Family Systems and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I believe a key component to the therapeutic relationship is trust and assisting the client to follow their path toward healing. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you toward healing and happiness.

  • Will Cohn

    My job as your therapist is to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life. During our time together, I will add all my expertise to your quest towards a more peaceful and loving time on this planet. As a team, we can untangle the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in suffering.

    I believe in the power of empathic, heart-centered therapy, and in the transformative abilities of mental health services. I know from personal experience, it is not only possible to withstand hardship and trauma, but to thrive in a joyful and meaningful life.

    My passion is to lighten the suffering that weighs down on all of us. I know with dedication and an open mind and heart, we can each heal ourselves. It is my hope to champion you as we walk along a path of compassion, acceptance, and freedom.

  • Julio Chavez

    Hello, my name is Julio Chavez. I am a current Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s student at Sofia University. I have years of experience as a spiritual coach, and substance use counselor, and through this experience I’ve developed a therapeutic approach that centers around deepening understanding of the self, and how we relate to the world. My approach incorporates both holistic and evidenced-based practices to help unravel our relationships with ourselves and others. By building a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship, I hope to provide an empathic environment that allows for the transformational work to occur through our sessions together. I view therapy as a collaborative venture that allows for increased awareness, skills, and understanding to help manage the stressors and hardships of life. My balanced integrative model of therapy might include DBT, CBT, Family Systems Theory, Harm Reduction Model for substance use, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and Emotion Focused Therapy.

  • Jen Antill

    Jen will graduate with her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in the spring of 2023. Jen is passionate about creating sacred spaces for the soul to come forward and speak in all of its subtle ways. Jen loves the world of symbols, dreams and also has a private astrological practice where she incorporates the archetypes of the planets into her client work. Jen is deeply committed to helping clients reconnect to a natural world, one in which they can recognize the ways we have been removed from the earth and can work to return to a relationship with it once more.

    Jen also brings a love and passion for working with couples, helping clients move toward more satisfying ways of relating to one another. Jen has experience and training in working with all kinds of couples and particularly couples who are queer-identified.

  • Lucy Huffman

    I am very passionate about the practice of therapy and its ability to transform an individual so that they can find peace and happiness in their life. As a therapist it is my purpose to build an authentic relationship with each client so we can collaborate to set goals that meet their mental health expectations. I have been described as a warm, caring and energeticindividual. This and my empathetic nature allows me to meet the client at their emotional level in order to begin building our relationship.

  • Katie Goodrich

    My experience in child development allows me to understand the impact of our early experiences and thus contributes to my focus on inner child healing and developmental trauma. Areas of particular interest include anxiety, depression, family of origin issues, body image issues, and self-esteem. I look forward to walking alongside you on your journey of healing and growth. Please reach out if you feel that I may be a good fit!'

  • Crystal Carson

    My work lies in the facilitation of noticing soul's longings and tending to its call through dreams, symbols, and felt sense. I use body oriented, relational, depth psychotherapy to expand the idea of how we come to know ourselves. I have a deep reverence for this work and for those that embark upon the journey. I believe out of our darkest hours come our greatest gifts, which form the building blocks for embodied wholeness. Finding meaning in these death-rebirth transitions equates to sacred evolutions of the self. Jung suggested our goal is wholeness, not perfection… That's the ocean we'll dive into.

  • Morgan Fleming

    My goal is to provide clients with a safe space to be heard and explore their depths during life's challenging moments. I believe by slowing down to explore our symptoms and difficulties we can change our relationship to these challenges, to ourselves, and to others. My hope is that this work helps clients access more meaning and connection. I also think that culture has a profound impact on the individual and am open to exploring the ways culture can help and hinder mental wellness. I have a particular interest in anxiety, relationship anxiety, sex and intimacy. I am also a fan of using movement, dance and other somatic tools for inner work.

  • Agnès Cartry-Jacobsen

    Agnès has practiced in the healing field for over 19 years as a Somatic Healer and Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist. She cherishes every person’s longing for growth, fulfillment, and meaning, and for her sense of fulfillment, returned to studying a Master in Counseling Psychology with a Depth orientation from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she will graduate in the spring of 2023. She brings years of creative expression as a singer and poet to the field of therapy and she has long-term experience working with children and adults alike, with an emphasis on somatic and mindful modalities to address trauma, loss, and grief. She is passionate about the conversation between different parts of ourselves, and the dialogue between body, mind, and soul.

  • Marissa Giblin

    I graduated from Pacifica in 2013 with a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and earned a certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling from Saddleback College in 2011. I have two years of experience working with clients across a variety of settings; at a community counseling center, an intermediate school, and a women's shelter. After taking time off from my counseling career to focus on raising my son, I am so excited to get back to this work and continue on this journey as a therapist.

  • Tessa Andreini

    Hi, my name is Tessa. I am passionate about the power of deep listening and attunement and how it can aid in one’s self-discovery and growth towards wholeness. Drawing inspiration from a relational approach, contemplative theory, and depth psychology, I find the greatest love in providing a compassionate and non-judgmental space where individuals can explore and return to their most authentic expression of Self. I utilize the exploration of symbols, active imagination, and dreams to engage with the unconscious and listen for the deep messages the psyche wants to share. Valuing the wisdom of the body, breath, and natural world, my calm and gentle approach is geared towards restoring balance to the mind-body-spirit connection. I look forward to meeting you and diving deep into the complexity of the heart and mind, together.

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